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Soprano Ice Platinum

Why Soprano Ice Platinum?

A brand new state-of-art system with triple wavelength technology.

Soprano Ice Platinum

The only triple wavelength technology which is US FDA Approved.
Proven to be most effective.
Painless with its unique cooling tip.
The ultimate solution for permanent hair reduction.


Triple wavelength technology.
Each wavelength technology targeting different structures within the hair follicle: Bulge, Bulb, and Papilla.


The Power Of Three

Alex 755nm
Speed 810nm
YAG 1064nm



Soprano Ice Platinum

To beat the odds and meet the next-gen requirements, our brand new Soprano Ice Platinum, an effective triple wavelength tech, offers comprehensive laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad with no side effects or burns on the skin, and of course, no marks, and removes all your unwanted hair just in three to eight sessions, depending on the skin type.

The tech, Soprano Ice Platinum is the only USFDA approved triple wavelength technology, which presents a smooth, painless, precise, and permanent laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad and requires no rest post the procedure.

The three wavelengths typically target each of the different structures of the hair follicle: Bulge, Bulb, and Papilla, and the heat produced upon the concentrated laser light beams produces heat, which damages the hair follicles and their ability to regrow hair without affecting the surrounding skin.

And Soprano Ice Platinum has a unique cooling tip that makes painless laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad.

Solutions offered by Celestee - Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic:

Celestee, a pioneer laser hair removal clinic renowned as the best place for laser hair removal in Hyderabad, proffers premium laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad solutions that are apt for people who don’t want unwanted hair at any place in their bodies. Celestee offers a multitude of packages from where you can choose any package that covers all your requirements. In addition, we offer custom packages that cover all of your requirements in a single package, in the way you want, at the price you wish for.

Extensive hair reduction packages by Celestee:

Celestee offers multiple packages depending on your requirement and scope. And also, if required, Celstee will customize your package based upon the necessity to achieve the maximum satisfaction and desired result.

The packages we offer at Celestee are:

Chin and upper lip Laser Hair Removal Cost in Hyderabad:

Chin and upper lip are one of the most common areas where many women face unwanted hair, which they wish to get rid of. But waxing, shaving, or threading are conventional methods that might leave permanent marks and are painful. With an affordable upper lip laser hair removal cost in Hyderabad, you can opt for the best laser hair removal in Hyderabad for women's face without any hassle.

Celstee's Soprano Ice Platinum, advanced laser hair removal prices are affordable, and you'd feel no pain as this advanced tech consists of a unique cooling tip, upper lip laser hair removal cost in Hyderabad is affordable. The triple wavelength technology targets your hair follicles precisely, causing no damage to the surrounding skin.

Full Face - Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Hyderabad:

Laser hair removal is the best option to avail an unwanted hair-free face. For both women and men, unwanted hair on the face is a haunting hassle that they wish to get rid of with advanced Laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad for women's face.

Laser treatment for face cost in Hyderabad in Celestee is very much affordable and worth every penny.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Women:

Advanced laser hair removal is the best alternative to the painful hair removal methods and the best option for a mark-free and painless hair removal experience, which everyone wishes for. At Celestee, we offer many packages where you can choose one combine everything you need into one to achieve the maximum desired result. At Celestee, you can get laser hair removal treatment at affordable prices for upper lip, chin, cheeks, nose, sidelocks, forehead, and jawline, above and in between eyebrows, front and back of the neck, or combine whatever you like into a single package which will be the best laser treatment for face cost in Hyderabad.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Men:

Unwanted hair on the face for men might ruin their well-groomed look. With Celestee’s advanced laser hair removal by Soprano Ice Platinum, you can achieve and ever-charming beard look. With many options to choose from, you can alter your beard look by removing unwanted hair or thinning your beard hair.

For men, as the area needed in Laser treatment for the face is low, the cost too will be lower in Hyderabad.

Laser Hair Removal for Underarms:

Underarm hair is one of the most annoying things you can ever experience. Ever feared wearing sleeveless or ruining a party just because you’ve missed your waxing schedule. Well, not from now. Celestee laser hair removal for underarms is the perfect solution for a permanent underarm hair removal treatment.

Get ready to experience a painless, mark-free, and quick hair removal, permanent laser hair removal for underarms in Hyderabad with Celestee’s Soprano Ice Platinum.

Men Laser Hair Reduction

Men, your skin needs some care too. To fulfill that and enhance your style sigma, we’ve covered everything you need. You can opt for laser hair removal for complete reduction or thinning of hair wherever you don’t need them.

For men folks, we’ve curated a complete range covering everything from the basics, so you can opt for the best or compile everything you need.

Our exclusive services are advanced laser hair removal for legs, beard shaping, hands & legs, a complete body, unibrow, hair on nose, earlobes, hair on chest and abdomen, back and shoulder, pubic area, underarms.

Laser Hair Removal for Full Body:

With Celestee’s advanced Soprano Ice Platinum tech and flexible packages, you can eliminate each and every unwanted hair on your whole body in minimal sessions without any pain.

So, stop hurting yourself with the temporary, painful, and ineffective shaving, waxing, and tweezing procedures to remove your unwanted hair. Choose what makes you feel comfortable. Choose Soprano Ice Platinum. Choose Celestee.

Cost of laser hair removal in Hyderabad:

Laser hair removal prices are considerably low, and as this is a one-time investment, you can opt for this without a thought. On average, laser hair removal costs in Celestee, Hyderabad, are comparably low with waxing, shaving for a lifetime.

The number of sessions might vary from skin type to skin type, which your expert might decide to post analysis or a session.

Factors determining the laser hair removal cost in Hyderabad:

Area size: The area where you want to perform laser hair removal will be pivotal in determining the cost of the procedure. For example cost of back or legs might cost more than the upper lip.

The number of sessions: The number of sessions is determined according to the person's skin type. The decisive factors in deciding the number of sessions are skin type, skin color, hair type, hair color and texture. And, understandably, more sessions cost more. Generally, it might take in between 3-8 sessions to completely get rid of unwanted hair.

Hair density: Some people have dense hair growth, and thus, they might require more laser hair removal sessions. This density is sometimes also influenced by testosterone levels in the body.

Hair texture: The cost of hair removal is also dependent on the hair texture. If your hair is coarse, it is hard to eliminate and thus requires multiple sessions, increasing the cost.

Skin Type: The skin tone is an important factor when considering the number of sessions required and the cost of the procedure; as in the laser hair removal process, the difficulty for treatment varies with different skin tones.

Skin Condition: If you are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin, it requires special care and demands expertise for treatment.

Why Celestee?

Celestee is the best place for laser hair removal in Hyderabad that offers permanent laser hair removal treatment in Hyderabad. With sophisticated Soprano Ice Platinum technology, Celestee offers the best laser hair removal in Hyderabad.