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Why Celestee


“To provide an unparalled skin and hair care and to serve a million with guaranteed satisfaction in personalized treatment.”


“Our mission is to be a model for excellence in collaborating educational, research and clinical experience, to address the needs of the patient and to personalise each treatment option for enhanced and safe results. To be a global leader in the coming years with quality skin and hair care by serving each and every Indian patient with the world’s most advanced and approved equipments, giving the safest and best results what they can get anywhere else in the world. We will strive for integration of excellence in continuous dermatologic education, research and serving our clients and patients, for guaranteed satisfaction. Our mission is also to enhance research by participating in research actively and collaborating with the advanced global basic and clinical research organisations, to cater to the new and advanced medications for our clients and patients.
We will establish new partnerships which will be built on Trust for similar values and ethics, Transparency for more accountability, Mutual benefits to achieve our goals.”

Core Values

These values are based on teachings of various Upanishads, are the guiding force behind the vision and mission of Celestee Skin Laser and Hair clinic. We assure that there is RICH in our VALUES. Once we serve a client or a patient to their utmost satisfaction, everything else is set aside. The immense satisfaction what a dermatologist derives once the client / patient says that we had transformed people’s lives, is undescribed. We have served many and will continue to do so with the values and ethics.

Treating every client / patient in our diversified culture and community including patients and their families with Respect.

Serving with utmost professionalism and medical ethics, reciprocating with trust of our clients / patients.

Understanding the social stigma one might face with their existing issues and addressing them with empathy. Perform with excellence in all the procedures to give the best results through best equipment, best technical expertise of the dermatologist and most committed effort and dedicated time.

Encouraging a client or a patient to achieve a holistic cure or remedy to cure the skin and hair problems, applying innovative, advanced, new therapies to the patient to give the best results to our clients/ patients.

Our Doctors

Dr. Rajkirit E.P

A renowned Dermatologist with 12 years overall experience in all fields of Dermatology ranging from Cosmetology, Dermato Surgery, Laser Surgery, Hair loss Therapies, Hair transplant, and Anti-aging Treatments. He has several awards, publications. He had trained several Dermatologist in various workshops all over India. He had been an eminent faculty at both state and national levels state.

Dr. Sridevi P (MBBS, MD)

Consultant Dermatopathologist, Laser Hair Removal specialist.
Managing Director Celestee skin Laser hair clinic. An author on Laser hair reduction article published in International Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

Dr. Aishwarya Sivuni

Consultant Dermatologist
Author in Research study conducted at Celestee and published in the international journal of a Cosmetic Dermatologist. Has vast experience in Laser hair reduction and worked multiple technologies.

Dr. Aashritha Yerneni

Consultant Dermatologist
Experienced in clinical Dermatology. Dermato Surgery and aesthetic procedures. Presented various papers in national conferences.

Dr. Praneetha Dwarampudi

Consultant Demologists
Experienced in clinical Dermatology and aesthetic procedures.

Dr. Dheeraj

Consultant Demologists
Experienced in clinical Dermatology.